Response To They Say I Say Junk Food

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Response to They Say I Say, The Supermarket: Prime Real Estate 1. In this essay, the writer wants to show the readers that the supermarkets are much more complicated than they seem like. The organization of the supermarkets is like an ordered society, that the advantages is invisible but do make our life easier. Especially the trivial, the supermarkets are able to manage them by using big data from scanning the bar codes. Also, the position for goods of any kinds is another knowledge. What they do is help you and sell things unconsciously. 2. I totally agree with what the essay talks about. Marion Nestle’s opinion matches the perspective of a book I have read . The book is the first teacher for me to realize that the use of big data is everywhere in our life. I remembered an anecdote from that book that supermarkets are going to put diapers and beers next to each other during the world cups. Because many…show more content…
In this essay, the author David H Freeman claims a new and practical solution to fight against obesity. He states that advocating wholesome foods is unrealistic, and if people convert their direction to making junk food healthier, the problem could be fixed. To be honest, canceling junk food is impossible since there are so many junk food lovers. In other words, their eating habits are hard to change, also whole foods are expensive and inconvenient. Why not make the junk foods healthier so that people are going to lose their weight as well as enjoy their snakes? 2. I believe this could be one of the solutions sand it will be a potential in the future. However, this could not be the most efficient method for the strong stereotype of junk foods. It’s hard for people to stay the line of junk foods after they realize that they need make some change to loss weigh. But we would love to see the day when all the junk foods are also healthy to eat and consumers would not have to be afraid of gaining
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