Response To William Jacobs Great Expectations

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Journal 1 Response: It was very hard trying to decide on which entries to write about, until I got into Mr. William Jacobs conversation with his grandson. It’s the early 1940’s and he’s recovering from a battle injury, when his future Mother in Law dropped in to see him, and to also share some rather intimate detail about her daughter’s health. She told him that when her daughter was a little girl had an operation and the doctor at the time made a mistake, causing her never to be able to have children. Claire’s mother also inquired about his wiliness to adopt children or not. With this information he could have decided not to marry Mrs. Cooper’s daughter, but instead they should married and have children. After their children were grown, and the Jacobs in their golden years. Claire’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s couldn’t stop him from loving her. William took care of Claire till the very end, which I found to be the truly most loving act.…show more content…
Hee-Sook Lee’s conversation with her daughter about how she and her husband broke the mold for the traditional Korean’s. Lee had never seen her parents kiss, or even touch. Which is common among Korean marriages. It wasn’t until she met the American missionaries and saw their model of marriage that allowed affection. So right then and there she decided that she would have that kind of marriage. When she married, she started to act as the Americans did by say “Thank you, Honey.” And “You’re welcome, Dear.”. After many trails and errors, it became natural. Many of their Korean friends asked in aw on how they were able to get a Korean man to be so affectionate and brake tradition. As I reflected on this story of breaking tradition it reminded me of how I myself have broken
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