Responsibilities Of Parenting In Frankenstein Essay

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Parenting in Frankenstein: Responsibilities within the Family “Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind” (Lilo, Lilo and Stitch). Family, one of the few things in life that you are born with. Family, your one safe place when it may feel like the world is against you. Family, and parents in particular, are always there to look out for you. They do a lot for you, from when you’re born all the way up to until you leave the house and start living on your own. Good parenting skills are essential to put children on the right track. Whether it’s being there when they’re going through a rough time in life or helping with picking out the right college, their impact is huge on their child’s life, for the moment at hand and for the individual's future. Parents have an extremely important role in the early life of a child. An important quality to have as a parent is responsiveness as it plays an important role for a child’s foundation to develop optimally. Although parenting cannot change the child’s personality as personality is decided at birth (Connor), parents that provide positive affection and respond in ways that correlate to the child’s signals maintains and increases the interests for the child (Landry). This is important for a child as interests and curiosity…show more content…
The children that were exposed to an aggressive role model watched as a model acted violently to a toy called a “Bobo Doll” by hitting it with a hammer or throwing it across the room. The children exposed to a non-aggressive role model saw model who played in a quiet and subdued manner for 10 minutes, playing with a tinker toy set and ignoring the bobo-doll. The control group were exposed to no
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