Objectives Of Corporate Social Responsibility

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Social responsibilities is an ethical or ideological theory that an entity whether it is government ,corporation , organization or individual has a responsibility to society .The obligation of an organization 's management towards the welfare and interests of the society in which it operates. This commitment is to see beyond the legal obligation to extend statutory requirements and provides organizations to take further steps voluntarily to improve the quality of life for employees and their families as well as for the local community and society. Corporate social responsibility is a concept that takes into account the organizations that take account of the interests of the company by taking responsibility for the impact of their activities…show more content…
It must also contribute in betterment of a local community by doing generous activities like building schools, colleges, hospitals, etc.
f. It must take immense care to see that its activities neither directly nor indirectly create a havoc on the vitality of its surrounding environment.
g. It should maintain a stringent policy to curb or control pollution in regard to contamination of air, water, land, sound and radiation leakages. Here, to do so, it must hire experienced professional individuals who are experts in their respective fields.
h. It should also offer social welfare services to the general public.
The core objectives of social responsibility of business are as follows:
a. It is a concept that implies a business must operate (function) with a firm mindset to protect and promote the interest and welfare of society.
b. Profit (earned through any means) must not be its only highest objective else contributions made for betterment and progress of a society must also be given a prime importance.
c. It must honestly fulfill its social responsibilities in regard to the welfare of society in which it operates and whose resources & infrastructures it makes use of to earn huge profits.
d. It should never neglect (avoid) its responsibilities towards society in which it
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PIA is driven by the highest standards of corporate governance and social responsibility. As a public sector organization and a leading business representative, PIA believes in establishing strong relationships with customers, partners, employees and the communities in which it operates. PIA practices active corporate citizenship through social services, support for non-profit organizations, medical care for employees, promotion of sports and education initiatives.
b. Starbucks has created his C.A.F.E. Practical guidelines designed to evaluate company sources of coffee sustainably and processed to ensure the economic, social and environmental aspects of coffee production.
c. Another company that refers to jumps in terms of corporate social responsibility is PSO. The company participated in a variety of initiatives in the fields of education, health, community education, strengthening the role of women 's special children, sports development and relief efforts. The company has led from the front in its campaign led by CSR financially several national educational institutions to support the scale of education disadvantaged across the

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