Responsibility In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity. -(Khalil Gibran) Responsibility the word parents use to get their children to do their chores, has always been a sour word in our minds. Of Mice And Men by John Steinbeck is a story of a mentally challenged strong grown man named Lennie, who likes to touch soft things, and his friend George, who keeps Lennie on track by doing what they do best, bucking barley. The two have been best friends since day one Lennie stayed with his Aunt Clara, and George with his pop and mom. When Aunt Clara died George took on the responsibility of caring for Lennie. The main thesis of this story is responsibility. George and Lennie’s dream was to own their own plot of land, they fell short of this American dream as George could no longer be held responsible for Lennie as he was too reckless for his own good.

George takes calculated risks by bringing Lennie with him everywhere. Lennie is very strong and not very intellectual;
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So what, why should we care about John Steinbeck’s lesson of responsibility? John Steinbeck shines light on the reality of the late 1930’s and shows us how misunderstood mentally challenged people like Lennie were. And how one hero named George tried his best to save another misunderstood person from the booby hatch. John Steinbeck’s novel not only shows the readers of the time the lives of mentally challenged people but also shows that the key to your wildest dreams is responsibility. Even if people don’t have a mentally challenged friend to take care of people may have other responsibilities to achieve your own dreams and goals. Doing well in school is crucial to get a good job, and to do good in school people must be responsible with time in school and spend it wisely to get good grades, and maybe even become the next big
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