Responsibility In Shakespeare's The Tragedy Of Romeo And Juliet

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There are many theories as to who is responsible for Romeo and Juliet’s suicide in “the Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet”, by William Shakespeare. There are some who blame fate, destiny, or some other supernatural force. Others blame the messenger, Friar John, for not getting the letter of explanation to Romeo. Still others blame Friar Lawrence for giving Juliet the potion. However, these people are wrong. It is obviously Romeo’s fault that he is dead, and Juliet’s fault that she is dead. One theory lays the guilt on Friar Lawrence for Juliet’s death. Yet they overlook the fact of why he did so. If the Friar had not given the potion to Juliet, she would have stabbed herself on the spot. That was the whole reason he gave her the potion, she
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