Responsibility In The Scarlet Ibis

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“There is nothing wrong with having pride, but there is something wrong with letting pride destroy your relationship.” The short story “the Scarlet Ibis” by James Hurst was based on the prideness between two brothers and its effects. Sense of Infallibility was one effect that took control over Brother, that lead to deceitfulness. The proudness between the two brothers was two sided, also know as biased. Brother had all right to believe in his own infallibility. Not only did he believe in his infallibility but Doodle believed in him too. Doodle was born with a weak heart, he never could do active activities without overworking his heart. Brother decided to teach Doodle how to walk. Although it was something that brother wanted, yet Doodle …show more content…

Doodle always wanted a brother who will care for him and keep him safe. At the end of the story deceitfulness was shown when brother left Doodle alone in a storm. Brother also mislead Doodle, through having him done things he was not capable of doing. Being deceitful can sometimes break a good relationship or lead to a lot of worse things. Not only did brother mislead Doodle, but he was untruthful to Doodle. Getting Doodle to walk is something Doodle should want and not brother. The time Doodle had walked his first steps brother cried too, but he cried because he was untruthful. It was something he wanted and not Doodle. This brings me to the last point. Pride can be two sided. In the short story only one side of the situations was seen. Pride was seen as a wonderful but terrible thing. “The Scarlet Ibis” showed more of the terrible side, although there was a wonderful side too. On the one hand brother pushed Doodle too hard and that lead to the terrible side of pride. Brother never cared for Doodle. He wanted Doodle to be a normal kid before going to school. Also the short story had a wonderful side. Although brother wanted to kill Doodle, he later started loving him. Things Doodle said and did, made pride a wonderful

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