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Social responsibility has been defined as a social norm. In this society, companies from the least to the greatest practice Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The management and staff of the corporations are expected to perform the right things as their misdeeds may be held accountable. Furthermore, the corporation is required to be responsible for their member‟s behavior. (Seitel, 2003)
According to McWilliams, Siegel & Wright (2006), they claimed that although there are numerous definitions of CSR but the given definition is vague and unclear. However, they defined CSR as a situation where the firm goes beyond compliance and engages in „actions which is required by law that appear to further some social good, beyond the interests of
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Thus, it is now being undertaken throughout the globe and increasingly become an important activity to businesses nationally and internationally. (Corporate social, 2004)
CSR becomes a fundamental business practice. One of the essential elements to achieve good business practices and effective leadership is strong CSR program. Companies also determine that the relationships with stakeholders both internal and external will be directly affected by their impact on economic, social and environmental landscape. (Corporate social, 2004)
In accordance to Estallo, Fuente & Miquela (2007), they claimed that companies can yield higher level of profit with a long term socially responsible behavior and which might become a competitive advantage. In another research, according to Ahmad, Sulaiman & Siswantoro (2003), in Malaysia, there are various NGOs and environmental pressure groups which suggest that stakeholders care about businesses which are responding to social responsibility concerns. On the other hand, corporate commitment to green ethics and support of socially responsible programs is playing an increasingly influential role in consumer‟s purchasing behavior. (The Nielsen,
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Furthermore, he said that they not only emphasis on the sales and benefit of its company but also corporate social responsibility and advanced technology. (Sivanandam, 2009)
In this regard, the corporation has conducted two main CSR programmes. Firstly is the Honda Dreams Fund which is a scholarship provided by Honda Malaysia to help underprivileged youths to have opportunity to pursue higher education and skills training in local institutions of higher learning. This community project is developed in 2007 and it is still on going. Students who obtained the scholarship need to fulfill the requirement and criteria set by Honda. (Sivanandam, 2009) Secondly is the Honda Malaysia Save the Rhino project which is initiated to collaborate with World Wildlife Fund (WWF). This is a 5-year project committed to save the endangered animal, Sumatran rhinos since
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