Responsible American Citizen Essay

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America, a nation we are all truly blessed to live in. Every day we wake up with rights and freedoms that we take for granted while others less fortunate than ourselves would do anything to have these privileges. How do we change this? How can we as a nation, as a people become responsible American citizens? Well, to truly be a responsible American citizen, we must follow three basic principles such as respect the rights of others, be active in government and follow the rules and laws.
First off, as a society we need to learn to respect the rights of others. One of the simplest and maybe even the most obvious way to do this is to not disrespect others. Nevertheless, some people find it hard to understand when they are being disrespectful. One key point to avoid being disrespectful is to understand the freedoms of others. By doing this we become more knowledgeable about the rights and freedoms within our nation, but we are also setting ourselves up to avoid being in a situation where we disrespect others. Another way to successfully respect the rights of others is to accept their differences. For the outspoken citizens who
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We cannot respect this great nation if we do not respect the rules and laws it has in place. First and foremost be mindful of the rules and laws. Let us educate ourselves on what they are and have an understanding of why they were and are put in place. Next be responsible, do not be in situations that may cause us to undermine and break the law. Take responsibility for ourselves and understand that the rules and laws were put in place to protect us. Finally, be supportive, support the rules and laws that are in place. Do not constantly talk ill of them because by doing this we are talking ill of this country and disrespecting the rules and laws in place. Be mindful, be responsible, and be supportive of our nations rules and laws. They are here for
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