Rest In Heaven: A Short Story

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even though we were in two rival gangs at the time we still got along well. He loved me for what I stood for, and I loved him for what he stood for. Most people expected us to be enemies, but we worked around that s—t. Rest in Heaven, my bro. Danny-P was an Englewood legend, even the guys that hated him had to respect him. When people spoke of Danny they did so with caution. He was considered a concrete gorilla and he dished out more s—t than he took. He was well-respected by everyone he knew, was a self-made leader, and a menace to all his enemies. He was the type of person the average ghetto soldier either couldn’t handle or wanted to be like. I was his personal barber and one of his close friends. Like all real niggas from our world, he…show more content…
The struggle was real for my brother, and I wish I’d had a chance to talk to him before he finally let stress and depression send him to his death. Redd G committed suicide. His kids and nephew found him hanging from a rope in his garage after doing a nine-year bid. Rest in Heaven, my young king. Unc Frank loved his family and was a great man of the community. He loved his car and women, but most of all he loved making everyone around him feel good. When he died it hurt a lot of people, not just his family. Thank you, Unc, for always believing in me and dropping those O.G. jewels on me. Unc Frank was killed by a truck on the way to his home in Minnesota. Rest in Heaven, my king. Rob Dobb was one of the most talented rappers I ever met. He loved his family and friends and was aspiring to be the best. He was tragically gunned down, shot more than seven times by a close friend jealous because Rob had control of that bag. Rest in Heaven, cousin. Terry G had the best heart in the world. He loved his friends and family hard and was one of those guys that would do anything for us. Even when he couldn’t, he was a ghetto soldier that would try his best. Love you, family. Rest in
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