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I went to Koni Organic and Natural with my girlfriend on November 4, a Friday. It is a vegan Japanese restaurant. The restaurant is located in a mall, and it is very low-key outside. If you are not careful, you may miss it. It looked closed outside and we entered the restaurant behind the black curtains. The restaurant was warm, and the light was not bright. We went there at about 6:30 pm and managed to find a table. The waitress was very attentive. She put my girlfriend’s bag into a basket under her table and put a napkin on the lap for us. The menu was in English, and each dish was accompanied with its ingredients, flavor, and price. After reviewing the menu, we ordered Stuffed Shiitake Mushrooms, Kale salad, and Crunchy Tiger Hidden Dragon Sushi roll and Crispy Golden Gate. When we waited for the foods, I observed the restaurant. The whole ambiance of the restaurant was romantic and cozy. The floor was wooden. All decorations were delicate. There were tablecloths on the tables and the tables looked neat. There were flowers and candles on the table. Lots of fine arts were on the wall. Honestly, the restaurant was a little dark and it was suitable for a romantic date. Light jazz music was played. The droplight was beautiful. Although the restaurant had large windows, they were covered by thick curtains. It was isolated from outside noise and bustle. Although the restaurant was not full, many of the empty tables were reserved. When the foods came, I stopped observing for a

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