Best Restaurant Observation

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Best restaurant is a regional restaurant that serves approximately two hundred customers on a daily basis. The working hours are from eight in the morning to seven in the evening. It offers breakfast, lunch and dinner to its customers. Most of its customers are university students and a few local citizens. A recent research showed that Best Restaurant offers the best dishes in the area thus the high number of customers. Another contributing factor is the good relationship between the employees and their customers according to the research. Problem Statement
The issue with Best Restaurant is always flooded with customer at any given time but the number of employees is limited. In addition to that, there is no enough
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The number of customers in the morning, the number of customers at lunch hours and the number of customers in the evening. Methods of Data Collection
Under observation, I will use both participant and direct observation (Leening, 2012). In the direct observation, I will be only observing the number of customers coming and how fast they are served. In this method am just passive no taking part in the situation under study. I will just observe what is happening. In both types of observations, I will collect detailed notes that will be used later for analysis. In addition, I will also take photographs or videos to enhance the observation method.
This is a face to face encounter. First I have to create a good relationship with the respondents in order to get accurate and detailed data. Interviews have its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that, I will get detailed data unlike observation method, it is also likely that I will meet specific objectives of the study (Leening, 2012). In addition to that, it is a personal interaction hence I can extract honest data. Apart from honest information, in interviews it is hard to confuse questions. Finally, interviews are much more flexible and can adapt to any
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