Restaurant Observation Report Sample

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Clinical Activity: Restaurant and Grocery Store Visit in Census Tract 1507
Justine Stueckel, Mari Rivas, Stephanie Colston, and Jahaira Rodriguez
Wayland Baptist University
Instructor: Susan Richardson

The restaurant we visited in census tract 1507 was Tamale Boy, which is located on the south side of town at 5300 S. Flores. San Antonio, TX 78214. It grabbed our attention when we drove by because the establishment is bright green and orange with the words “Tamale Boy” painted on the outside. Similarly, the inside of the store was very lively with traditional Mariachi hats on the walls and colorful streamers hanging from the ceiling. The store was very clean and the
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He was an overweight Mexican man, probably not older than thirty years old, and was extremely friendly. We observed that the woman at the cash register was overweight along with some other patrons in the establishment. All the patrons we saw that day appeared to be of Mexican descent. Also, we noticed they did not offer water as a beverage, the only options were sodas. We arrived at Tamale Boy 20 minutes before their closing time so when ordering, the cashier apologized as they were completely sold out of tacos. The only thing available to order was tamales which is their main product. A traditional tamale is made with “masa,” it is corn flour mixed with lard and stuffed with pork lion. They offered pork, beef, chicken, bean and cheese, and Kadillak tamales. Kadillak’s consist of cream cheese, chicken, spinach and jalapeno. Our group left as we did not want tamales. However, as we were walking back to my car, the owner came out and apologized insisting that we return and he would make us some tacos. Their options of tacos were bacon & egg, ham & egg, weenie & egg, potato & egg, Papa la Mexicana, potato & chorizo, chorizo & bean, carne guisada, barbacoa, pork chop, fajita, and asada tacos. Wow, they were the best tacos we have ever had as the tortilla tasted homemade. The tortilla was the same size as a taco at Taco Cabana, yet the filling was about three times the amount I get on the northeast…show more content…
Obesity is an example relationship between a built environment and health because of the strong evidence of food availability, and recreational opportunities. Recently the CDC started a project called the Common Community Measures for Obesity Prevention Project, the Measures Project. Experts identified strategies for preventing obesity and measures to monitor progress. Nurses are well positioned to initiate and promote these strategies when working in the communities to address factors related to diet (Savage, Kub & Groves, 2016). Our visit to Tamale Boy and La Fiesta showed us that there are benefits in one’s life when one is more privileged. Those benefits can provide the opportunities to live a healthier lifestyle. We need to continue to try and improve the lives of ourselves and those less fortunate than us through education and changes in the community. However, we are blessed that we live in the United States and if we keep trying hard enough, we can improve our lives in every way, shape, and

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