Restaurant Underneath The Stars Case Study

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Restaurant underneath the Stars
Dr. Patricia Prihodova
MBA 651
Victoria Yacoub

For almost any organization in the world, a unique culture of its own is presented to its customers to be able to distinguish itself from other companies that provide similar services and goods. As a founder of my very own company “Restaurant underneath the Stars”, which is basically a restaurant like any other which is found in any other indoor atmosphere, except with a unique feature of its own, the Planetarium System Projector. A planetarium system projector, is used to display the following activities such as laser shows, plant observations, stars analogies, movies, and other possible activities with the involvement
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1) Highly quality food because customers must be have with the taste and the quality of their food as they are in parallel enjoying the show. All food items must be cleaned and maintained properly in order to insure the satisfaction of the customer. The menu should be filled with rich dishes from different cultural backgrounds. 2) Good overall experience which is the actually treatment presented by the waiters during the taking of the orders, serving, as, well as, being knowledgeable about the menu in order to answer customers doubts. 3) Is to be different from other restaurants by providing a pleasant atmosphere along with innovative shows and well organized programs. 4) Good business management is very important for any restaurant business and managers who take responsibility of time schedules, financial statements, and employees tend to succeed the most. Of course, by doing so ethically. Cultural ethical norms must be created at the very being of the establishment of the organization as it will be easier to resolve any conflict or make a decision. A strong culture which scores high or moderate on risk tolerance, tend to form higher ethical standards from those other companies in which the mangers take no time to delegate work, guide, or support…show more content…
The first symbol could serve as the interior design of the restaurant along with the outside view, other symbols in the restaurant could be seen in the areas of the restaurant place picture frames, color of the dinning sets, or even the layout of the tables. The story behind the restaurant could allow that employees to keep in mind that the place must be taken care of at all times and that they will be rewarded accordingly. Slogan of the restaurant will be as follows “Beautiful Taste is fulfilled with a Beautiful View”, meaning that people have an expectation of being served with the best quality food possible along with an outstanding view in the sky. Brand image, if properly built, could serve has an indication of the outstanding service and food served by the employees which can increase the employees satisfaction rate and recognition so they will feel proud to be a part of such a company. Organizational language is to be considered as one of the communication medium which can be used in an effective and efficient manner. The language as a concept doesn’t only apply to the spoken words but also so the actual uniform provided by the firm, how they serve the customers, and what is even served on the menu during the show. Therefore, by
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