Restorative Justice In Prison Essay

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Insight Prison Project The definition of restorative justice is a system of criminal justice that focuses on the rehabilitation of offenders through reconciliation with victims and the community at large. In other words, it is some sort of help and comfort for a person who knows their wrongdoing but understands that this isn 't the end of the road for them. As said by In Sight Prison At the center of the Restorative Justice philosophy is the understanding of the importance of engaging victims and prisoners in a healthy way so they can feel empowered and are supported to make meaning out of their experience. Restorative Justice attempts to draw on the strengths of both prisoners and victims, rather than dwelling on their deficits. The program…show more content…
One of the layers to this program that I can appreciate is how it help an inmate get their mind right and almost teach them in gradual steps on how to hold themselves accountable when they actually get released into the community. I appreciate this so much because I have a family member that were, and still is in prison, and when they were released they tend to not accept the new times which cripple them. Once they can 't accept certain things in their new life they start doing the thing that got them in prison the first time. It almost a never ending cycle. I believe if they had a program such as the "Insight Prison Project" they can ultimately get prepped and maybe take a better path. Something that I would add to the program is more inspiration to the prisoners that will not be able to go back in the community. Inmates that are going through life sentences need just as much counseling as a person that’s getting out in two weeks. At least if you won 't be able to be a good citizen again, at least they can have something positive in their life to at least be a good prisoner. Another aspect I would add to the program is expanding the program to prisons all over the United States because I believe it can help so many people with their problem with
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