Restorative Justice System Essay

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Key Principles and Rules of Restorative Justice system
There are variety of rules and values that must be followed in restorative justice system .First rule of restorative justice is that, young people around them should surround offenders and victims. Haines(1998) stated that adults can not join cases where young or minors are being considered because young would not be able to convey themselves entirely .Likewise, second rule states that both offender and victim must be analyzed equally. It says that both of them would have right to raise their voice equally and lawfully (Sullivan and Tifft, 2001). It does not means that both of them will receive accepted level of assistance. If the victim needs emotional support then the community setting will emotionally support him. Thirdly, the respect matters a lot. One cannot enforce victim to raise his voice until he accepts that he is victimized. The offender cannot feel guilty until the setting declares that offender needs to feel it. Hence, this criteria is considered while planning a restorative justice in society.
Furthermore, the key part of the restorative justice system is not telling lies while encountering face to face discussions with others (victims, offenders and community) as stated by Llewellyn and Howse (1998). It means that an offender should discuss the entire criminal behavior
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Sometimes this way of approaching the criminal is termed as retributive, which means the primary focus, is on punishment not rehabilitation. When the offence is done by anyone, the criminal goes through all the procedures of the court and the victims seeks justice for their rights. Therefore, the ultimate objective is just to punish the wrongdoer and no improvement of criminal to prevent from repeating the crime in the
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