Restorative Theory Of Sleep Essay

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Sleep play an important role in human life. Among the reasons why sleep is necessary for human being are due to biological and psychological needs. According to Ciccarelli and White (2014), sleep is one of the human body’s biological rhythms which is natural cycle of the activity that the body must go through which occurs over a 24-hour period. From psychological point of view, there are two theories of sleep which are adaptive theory of sleep and the restorative theory of sleep. Adaptive theory suggesting that sleep pattern of animal and human is changed in order to avoid predators whereas restorative theory propose that sleep is necessary to the physical health of the body and serve replenish chemicals as well as repair cellular damage. Therefore, both adaptive and restorative theories do emphasise the importance of sleep towards human’s survival and well-being.
From Islamic point of view, sleep is one of signs of power of Allah. As mentioned in the Holy Quran “Among His signs is your sleep by night and by day, and your seeking of
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As revealed by Suen, Tam, and Hon, (2010) the level of sleep hygiene knowledge among university students was relatively inadequate and sleep hygiene education is one of the effective method to increase university students’ awareness on the importance of implementing healthy sleep hygiene practice. Among the example of good sleep hygiene are getting enough amount of sleep which around 7-9 hours per day, consume healthy food, have conducive environment or bedroom, practice regular exercise and take a nap during the daytime. All these behaviour could lead to better quality of sleep among university

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