Restraining Observation

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On 11/15/15 at approximately 1257 hours, I, Offcier Artaz responded to 727 Labor Street in reference to a disturbance. This location is in the City of Delta, County of Delta and the State of Colorado. I arrived on scene , and contacted Deborah Dugas (DOB 08/16/71). Deborah told me that her and her son, Spencer Bachman (DOB 11/20/88), had gotten into a verbal agument. Deborah advised that Spencer has a restraining order, that prohibits him from drinking alcohol. Deborah said Spencer had several beers thes moring. I asked Deborah where Spencer was and she advised he was probably at the hospital, where his girlfriend just had a baby. Deborah completed a witness statement. I had dispatch check Spencer through NCIC/CCIC. Dispatch advised Spencer had a valid restraining order, which had alcohol stipulations. The miscelaneous field of the restraining order reads, Shall no consume alcoholic beverages or controlled substances, and the docket number is as follows;…show more content…
Offcier Reece and I responded to 1501 East 3rd Street (Delta County Memorial Hospital). I contacted Spencer in the Labor and Delivery department. While speaking to Spencer I could smell the distinked odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage emitting from his person. Spencer also had bloodshot watery eyes. I told Spencer why we were contacting him and he advised he understood. I will note that during our contact with Spencer, he was polite and coopertive. Spencer was escorted to my patrol vehicle. I asked Spencer if he would like to give a voluntary breath sample, using the PBT. Spencer advised he would, and gave a proper sample. The reading on the PBT was .238 BAC. Spencer admitted that he had been drinking today, due to stress. Spencer was placed in the prisoner compartment of my patrol vehicle, and transported to the Delta County Jail. Spencer was booked at the jail on the above mentioned charges. No further information at this
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