Restricting Children With ADHD

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Children with ADHD need to be monitored most of the time; when teachers and parents understand and guides these children it helps them to reach their full potential and be successful. • They need consistent rules they can understand and follow (classroom rules should be clear and easy to understand). • Seating arrangements- Teachers need to be considerate when seating children with ADHD. It would be beneficial to seat them in an area where they would less likely be able to distract others and they can be easily monitored. • Teachers should structure situations in a more positive way and do relaxing and pleasant activities with the child, so that strengths and limitations can be identified. • Students should be taught to manage their own behaviors by teaching them self-monitoring, self-evaluation, self-reinforcement, and self –instruction skills. •…show more content…
• Restricting playmates to one or two to prevent overstimulation. • Divide tasks into smaller and more manageable steps if the person is experiencing difficulties completing them. • Teachers would benefit by learning stress-management techniques when dealing with ADHD children. It helps to release frustration and impacts the way they react to the child’s behavior. • It’s best to keep a consistent daily routine with ADHD children. • ADHD children are accustomed to criticism so they expect it. • Students who are hyperactive often play the role as teachers’ helper in order to release energy. They are often given tasks such as handing out papers, erasing the board and picking up
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