Restrictions In To Kill A Mockingbird

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“Children must be taught how to think,not what to think.” (margaret mead) In to Kill a Mockingbird Scout is taught what to think and not allowed to think want she wants to think. In to Kill a mockingbird is a book shown through a girl 's eyes. This story is about a man who defended a colored man. A girl who is being forced to be a certain way to fit into society. The reader must understand what gender roles are. They should also understand that certain behavior and expectations were required to be accepted into society. In to Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee teaches her readers that society has a restricted perspective in how girls and boys have to be.

Certain Restrictions are applied for being a boy and in order to fit into society boys have to follow those certain restrictions. There at the Finch 's landing for a christmas. They were their for dinner. Aunt Alexandra was the one who cooked dinner. Scout told Francis the dinner was good and Francis told scout that Aunt alexandra was gonna teach him how to cook. Scout thought of it as a funny thing because boys aren 't supposed to cook girls are.
“Grandma is a wonderful cook,” said Francis. “Shes gonna teach me how.”
“Boys don’t cook.” I giggled at the thought of Jem in an apron” (93).
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In to Kill a mockingbird Harper Lee has various examples of gender roles Indicating what a boy has to be like. These gender roles were especially projected in the 1930’s -50’s. During this time in history, the roles in girls and boys were very traditional. An example is when Francis tells Scout his Grandma is going to teach him how to cook yet Scout makes fun of him. This shows that boys cooking is not commonly seen and how this falls out of the certain restriction applied to being a boy. This falls out of those certain restrictions because this certain act was not generally acceptable nor appropriate in their society. Boys were seen to be the strong not
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