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Retailing as simply defined is the end process of supply chain management where there is a direct interaction with the end-user or the customer. The word “Retail” has its origins in the French verb “Retailer”, which means “to cut up”, and refers to one of the fundamental retailing activities which is to buy in larger quantities and sell in smaller quantities. Retailing is an integral part of the value chain in an organization. It is a function that provides the ‘last mileage connectivity’ between an organization and its customers. In many parts of the world retailers have emerged as one of the most potent forces in influencing the performance of the value chain.
Retailing involves the sale of merchandise from a fixed location, such as store,
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It is not just the global players like Wal-Mart, Tesco and Metro group are eying to capture a pie of this market but also the domestic corporate behemoths like Reliance, KK Modi, Aditya Birla group, and Bharti group too are at some stage of retail development. Any business to consumer interaction in the present context can be termed as retailing. Retailing, therefore, encompasses all forms of direct marketing too, in its broader sense and all above activities perform by retailers in…show more content…
A retailer is a person who specialises in selling certain types of goods and services to consumer for their personal use. Retailer organise the availability of merchandise on a large scale and supply them to consumers on a relatively small scale. In the process, they provide the accessibility of the location and convincing of time size, information, and lifestyle support. When retailer perform this activates, they create value for their customers, who pay for these services. These values are created continuously through a combination of service; price, accessibility and experience. There are many kinds of retail stores including grocery stores, department stores, speciality stores, convenience store, chemist stores and fast food outlets, among others. Retailing is the business of buying goods in large quantities from a manufacturer or a wholesaler and then selling these products and service to consumers for fulfilling their personal or family needs. A retailer is, in fact the final link in the distribution channel connecting the manufacturer with the

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