Walk Two Moons Moral Lesson

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Have you ever blamed someone or yourself without hearing the whole story? In the book Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech, the main character learns a really valuable lesson. Throughout the story, Salamanca Tree Hiddle prejudged Margaret, because Sal thought she was a murderer, had a serious relationship with her dad and Sal was in denial. Salamanca learns that judging others or yourself is easier than understanding and believing the true reasons. Salamanca blames people without understanding their side of the story. First of all, Salamanca blamed Margaret of being a murderer. Phoebe told Sal that Margaret killed her husband and that she might have chopped him up with the help of Mr. Birkway, their English teacher. “Like Mr. Cadaver - as I told you…show more content…
Sal was certain that they had something going on, because Phoebe told Sal that her father is completely in love with Margaret. “Your father goes over there all the time. He likes her, doesn 't he?” (Creech, page 22). After Phoebe creates the suspicion that John, Sal ‘s father, is in love with Margaret. Sal doesn 't want Margaret to explain the reality or tell her side of the story. When Margaret wants to talk with Sal about this, she hesitates. The true story is that Mrs. Cadaver was on the bus where Sal 's mom died, and she was not in love with Sal 's dad. “Of course I saw Mrs. Cadaver. Everyone saw Mrs. Cadaver. Nine hours after the bus rolled over, as all those stretchers were being carried up the hill, and everyone despairing--there was her hand coming up out of the window and everyone was shouting because there it was, a moving hand ' " (Creech, page 265). Margaret had already told her about the incident, after Sal stopped hesitating, Sal than understood that her dad moved to Euclid, Ohio, to spend time with the last person that saw his wife alive. Sal then understands she need to hear others before accusing

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