Rethink Child Support Debt

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Before reading “Mass. Should Rethink Child Support Debt”, I wanted to regain my knowledge on how child support plans work. Child support is a court ordered payment, typical in divorced parents to help the parent with custody pay for the child’s needs without having to on their own. Child support also pertains to single parents, and those with low-income rates. Judging by the title, this article can conclude that Massachusetts is losing money due to the child support system. The author takes an interesting route when starting off their argument, “Parents who default on child support payments don’t generally inspire a lot of sympathy; the notion of the “deadbeat dad” has long been fixed in the public consciousness, with punitive public policies…show more content…
The tone is clear cut and to the point. Basically the writer is showing that in this life period, a “deadbeat dad” and a single parent are normal. It sort of depressing to think about, how children have to grow up without a mom or without a dad, how the parents have to work so hard for money just to try to support their children. Since the writer is lacking feeling towards the parents, maybe one can conclude they are the ones to blame. Even though the author’s tone is dull and harsh, one can not speak lenient when the issue is a child’s life. Parents need to try their best to make the money they can to meet not only child support payment demands, but enough money to keep the child happy, educated, clothed, fed, etc. But the controversy is, some adults abuse the privilege of child support, “They also say they steer people who meet certain criteria — such as unemployment, disability, and incarceration — to interest-exemption and interest-waiver…show more content…
The more time I read this article the more invested I am in it. And I can not decide if I am the type of person who forcibly demands more and more money from this one parent trying to keep their job while raising a child like the author, or am I one to help the parent take short cuts and give them breaks. I have found that either way is a failed attempt. The Massachusetts child support court ordered system will lose money either way plain and simply because of what is asked of these unfortunate adults, “charges that don’t realistically match a parent’s financial means.” This key line highlights that a parent is being forced to pay money that they just do not have. As interest increases and the court wants more money it becomes an unreachable goal for a single parent. I believe child support is a lost cause, necessary, but lost. The government is willing to give out money to those in need, but they should not be expecting that full amount back in return. If the government doesn’t help these families, no one will. Some fortunate parents with well paying jobs can surprise the government, but most parents fall far below that portion of the
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