Rethink Drinking Campaign

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The advertisement Rethink drink, produced by the Australian anti-drinking campaign, is an advertisement that supports responsible drinking. The advert is set at a home party and is about a woman who presumably loses her unborn baby because an intoxicated man at a party tripped and bumped her into a bench. The advertising techniques that will be explored are Mise-en-Scene, mood, and pacing; all of these elements are important to support and the emphasis of the adverts message and how the advert persuades the audience to drink responsibly. The advertisement clearly and effectively positions the audience to respond to the issue of irresponsible drinking.
Mise-en-Scene is notably used throughout Rethink drink to emphasis the adverts message. After the intoxicated man slips he pushes the pregnant lady into the counter and she falls to the ground. The party members gather around her, they all seem to be worried for her; the pregnant ladies facial expression and heavy breathing suggests that she is in pain and shock. When the couple
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The audience are shown an intoxicated man at a party, his mood is quite positive whilst the party members do not seem impressed by his careless actions and noise that he makes. After the man bumps the pregnant lady into the bench the mood of everyone in the room changes, they are all shocked and they gather around her with worried facial expressions. The scene cuts to a hospital room where a doctor is performing an ultrasound on the lady, she has a worried and scared look on her face; the doctor says “(ladies name) I’m really very sorry” suggesting that she lost her baby. The ladies mood then changes to shock and grief. The advertisement has successfully positioned the audience to react a certain way to the shock moments and mood of the
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