Rethink In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Stop. Think. Rethink Using this simple approach can ultimately save a life. Moving too quickly without thought is a very dangerous game. In almost every scenario and situation, going too quickly through life results negatively because it causes one to act recklessly, make wrong decisions, and end up in situations they never anticipated. In Romeo and Juliet, all of the possible misfortunes arose at one time or another, and in real life one can expect the same results if acting just as reckless.
Firstly, the fact that the whole event took only 3 days to take place, gives a clear sign of how Romeo and Juliet’s actions were immensely impulsive. Before he met Juliet, Romeo was deeply “in love” with another woman, Rosaline. He conveyed such heartbroken emotions when he found out Rosaline had been sworn to chastity. He said, “A right good markman! And she’s fair I love,”(1.1.197), confessing he loved Rosaline, then come the night of the party, his feelings completely reshaped. “For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night.”(1.5.52), now talking about Juliet. Based on this evidence, Romeo can be distinguished as a very infatuated character. He wants what he
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In order to live a successful life on their own, one must show a sense of responsibility. Jobs, schools, and even in relationships, people do not want someone that is willing to put it all on the line, but would rather weigh all their options and outcomes. On another note, one will normally see teenagers and young adults being the risk takers, while people never really witness the older people putting themselves in harm's way. People most likely see this because the older people are wiser, therefore have already experienced the exhilaration of living a “YOLO” life as well as the horrible events that must have transpired for them to learn their lesson. If one chooses to live a heedless life, sooner or later they will realize the mistake they
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