Age Groups In The Workplace

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Organizations' in the modern era are rapidly changing the way they conduct their daily activities. With change in technology and work ethic affecting a person's work life, a lot of question comes about how the older generations in an organisation copes and works with the younger more energetic and tech savvy work population. HR departments in organisations around the world are dealing with the possible conflicts the work place may have between the different age groups. This paper is going to discuss why the retirement age is increasing and the effect it has on different age groups and how these different age groups interact in a workplace with emphasis to baby boomers and millennia's referencing different articles and research. Today's work…show more content…
'Since graduating from an Ivy League university in 2007, Amanda, a 26-year old New Yorker who asked to have her last name withheld, has struggled to find a good job. In the spring of 2010 after moving back from San Francisco, she went on several job interviews a week, trying to find work in non-profit education, her preferred field. When that didn’t pan out, she interviewed for numerous entry-level positions ranging from paralegal to administrative assistant. With still no luck in the job market, she decided to go back to school to get a graduate degree in education '
When asked why she found it so difficult to find a job, she responded by saying; “A large majority of my interviewers were baby boomers well into their careers, some at the edge of retirement,” says Amanda. “Many of the interviewers did not understand my windy path through employment, which is, of course, a characteristic of my generation. They didn’t understand I wasn’t looking for one job for the rest of my life and that I wasn’t looking for money and
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Generation x and boomers have a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that younger workers need. Generation X employees are widely known for their fairness and mediation abilities. Generation Y workers are technology wizards and hold clues to future workplace, marketing, and business trends. These attributes can lead to work conflict or with the rite management lead to a diverse wealth of age group employees and employers.

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