Retirement Speech

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I cannot emphasize the following points too strongly:

Retirement is a beginning of something new, not just an ending.

Certainly, people often identify the idea of Retirement as the end of their working life, and this is certainly the case, unless, of course, we just take Retirement from one job and go out and start another one. This does happen, but if we start another job, at least if it’s a full-time job, after “Retiring” from our current job, then we really haven’t Retired yet. We have just changed jobs and that’s not uncommon.

But let me talk about a true “Retirement” where we cease to work full time and enter the new world of leisure and self-directed engagement. This is the world of Retirement that most of us long for, if we have
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Our succeeding generations are adopting the fear and awe of this natural turn of events because we, the seniors, are so “hinky” about it. Yes. At least subconsciously, younger folks cannot help but think that this death thing must be something very, very terrible. Sure. Why they can’t help but notice that we adults won’t ever SAY THE WORD. How bad must that be, they must ask?

I am taking a stand, though. I am asking readers and audiences to think about this and try to turn this back around to where death is seen as a natural event. It is the culmination of LIVING, not it’s opposite, as such.

So much of the fear, of course, is anchored in the fact that at death we move from the known (life) to the unknown (not life). For this, fear is cooked in. I get that. But that doesn’t have to be the end of the story.

I was very fortunate in my life to have an intellectual mentor that too few others have had.

I was raised by my maternal grandfather. He used to describe himself as “an old country doctor”. He was a very practical and down-to-earth gentleman who called things in life exactly as he saw them. He did not mince words and, above all, he detested
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