Return Migration Case Study

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Abstract Evidence in some countries indicates that return migrant has a significant role in migration. Results from many researches show that about a quarter portion in migration is shared by return migration. However, research on return migration is scarce, particularly in Indonesia. While the characteristics of people in internal migration in Indonesia are relatively well understood, very little is explored about the characteristics of people who return to their place of origin and the reason to return. The main goal of this study is to discover the individual characteristics and the reasons to return as well as to find out how they are related to internal return migration in Indonesia. Success-failure as the implication of economic reason…show more content…
The move might be vary on distance and can be internal or international migration (Lee, 1966). Migration is identified by scholars as not once-in-a-lifetime event. People who leave their place origin might wish to come back, while others choose to move to new place to find a place that fit to their needs. More than 100 years ago, Ravenstein (1885) by his fourth law of migration, stated that each flow of migration produced a counter-flow migration. This counter-flow consist return migrants or people return to their place of origin after they spent some time elsewhere. In other word, not all people who migrate remain permanently at the destination place. Reasons for return migration are influenced by many factors. Bovenkerk (1976) stated that to study return migration, the emigration factors have to be considered first. The fact that intention for temporary or permanent migration and actual behavior might be different and sometimes is not decided by themselves rather by other forces, like war or economic recession, he proposed types of intention relating to actual return migration: 1) Intended permanent emigration without

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