Return To Hawk's Hill Analysis

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In the novel “Return To Hawk's Hill” the author Allan W. Eckert tells a story of a 6 year old boy named Ben. This wasn’t an ordinary boy though as thought by his native american friends. The story starts in the vast wilderness of Canada along the Hudson Bay on some of the layering hills . Ben lived with his parents William and Esther who had another son named John and two daughters named Coral and Beth. They lived on Hawks hill which was the tallest of the hills on their farm that looked over the bay. This hill was known by many. This included the many native american tribes that surrounded Lake Winnipeg. In the beginning of the novel the narrator explains the tension between the MacDonald family and a man named George Burton. George Burton…show more content…
This leaves Ben trying to figure out a way to escape. He finds his father's boat that his father had told him never to go in without his father there himself. Ben disobeyed to get out of the situation but as he began going down the river and far enough to go to the waters edge he couldn’t find the oars leaving him helpless in the strong currents of the Red river. Ben knew it would be a low chance of survival through the many rapids that would come ahead. He stayed in the boat until morning when he awoke from the floors of the boat to find himself at Lake Winnipeg. He was eventually found by a native american named little buffalo who was about 16 years old and the two made their way back to the native american settlement. After Bens siblings went home and told told their father the news they all went on a hunting spree for Ben. They finally discovered that their boat was missing and William and John decided to begin their long journey along the Red river. As Ben was visiting he learned the Metis language and culture and while they were walking on a trail a wolverine popped out of nowhere and threatened to attack them. Ben came to the rescue though knowing badgers he gave the mother wolverine some bread and she took the bread and walked
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