Return To The Wild Analysis

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For as long as you can recall from history, nature has never changed, its beauty, its calmness and its originality. Christopher McCandless was an adventurous man who wanted, and did, make a trip into the Alaskan frontier, and it unfortunately ended fatal. The beautiful thing about McCandless is that he died doing what he loved most, and he will forever be recognized for following his dreams. Although it may be true that Christopher McCandless was a stubborn young man who decided to enter the wild with slightly too much confidence, which ended up getting him killed, people should consider who he really was and what made him who he ended up becoming because many may not know the traumatizing childhood he had.
McCandless was not raised in a normal home, his father had another family and he would split his time between the two, but whenever he was home, he was rather an aggressive man who took out his anger on his wives, in which all his children could recall. McCandless had bad memories of his home life as a child growing up, always witnessing his mother being abused and his mother would at times make them watch in purpose, which had impacted McCandless dramatically. In the documentary “Return to the Wild”, McCandless’s sisters explained their troubled childhood always watching their father take out his aggression and how it
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Although he can mainly recall his memories as a child being awful, there was one thing he could remember that he actually did like, which was going on adventures. McCandless became quite an adventurous man and loved being out in nature where he can feel safe and content. McCandless may have succeeded in his revenge towards his parents and being out in nature, he died died accomplishing what he wanted to the most, living to the
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