Returning To College Essay

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Finding motivation to attend college is easy, keeping the motivation to finish is the difficult part. I decided to enroll in college to earn my Bachelor’s degree in Business with a concentration in Finance. I hope that the degree will give me the opportunity to apply for a better position within the organization that I currently work for. A secondary goal of returning to school is to demonstrate to my son that attending college is required for many jobs and that returning to school as an adult has various difficult challenges. I have been working for the past nine years as an Assistant Financial Officer and am highly competent at my job. My goal is to become the Financial Officer for the non-profit organization that I work for when my manager retires in four years. The position has a minimum requirement of a Bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance. I am not eligible to apply for the position without a degree; my experience and tenure will not even earn me an interview. Additionally, I know that getting this degree will allow me to explore career options outside of my…show more content…
While attending classes for education when I was younger, I came to the realization that I did not want to become a teacher. Since I was working many hours and trying to get ahead financially, I decided to drop out of school. In hindsight, a better choice would have been to switch to a Liberal Arts degree. I have explained to my son that if I had completed any degree when I was younger, it would only be necessary for me to attend a few classes in order to receive a certificate instead of starting over from the beginning. He has witnessed the difficulties that I face trying to juggle an already hectic schedule with completing my schoolwork. The lesson has been given but now I must persevere and complete what I have started in order to be the best example for
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