Reunification Of Japan In The 1500s

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Japan (1500s)
Japan in the 1500s is a century of decentralized power and constnt warfare among competing lords, this period is known as the "Sengoku," or "Country at War" (1467-1573). These are the years of Japan 's medieval period (1185-1600) before the reunification of Japan and the establishment of order and peace under the Tokugawa shoguns (1600-1868). Castles are built by medieval lords (daimyo) for defense throughout the civil war. In 1543 the Portuguese traders reach Japan and are soon followed by the Jesuit missionary order. The Jesuits work among the samurai class and are initially well received by leading daimyo, including Nobunaga and Hideyoshi, two daimyo crucial to the reunification of Japan.The reunification of Japan

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