Reunite The Family In Amy Tan's A Pair Of Tickets

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A Dream of Reunite the Family Have you ever asked yourself what dream we saw every day in our life. I would say that everybody have different dream what they want in their life. As a child, it is really difficult to understand our culture, family values and how a person is a way they are. However, every single person has a dream of reunite their family. Amy Tan 's story "A Pair of Tickets" is about a girl who is Chinese-American woman 's struggle to accept her culture and identity. She went china to complete her mother’s dream of reunite the family. As we read through the story, we will see the protagonist Jing-Mei grew up with American influences and struggles with her Chinese heritage. Throughout the story, we will see how she is…show more content…
The Reuniting family is the ironical theme that occurs at the end of the story. Reuniting the family helps shape the characters role and puts the reader at peace. Also, Jing-Mei‘s father feels happy when he saw his all daughters together, the ones who lived with him and the once who just met him. He saw all his daughters standing and arms around each other, laughing and wiping the tears from each other’s eyes. Then, he showed them the picture that he had and all sisters start looking together to see what develops. Finally, Jing-Mei completes her mother’s dream of reuniting the family and his father was happy to see all of them together. In my thoughts, when I was reading the story, I was thinking about the latest Pakistan movie “Bhaijaan” which is basically similar story as Jing Mei. The movie shows how much the pain one little girl has to go through when she was separated from her family in her childhood. She was going for the vacation with her family and somehow she was separated on the Pakistan broader. Her family was in the Pakistan and she went to India. She was really young and didn’t know where she was. On the other side, her parent tries really hard to find her but they couldn’t find her. Overall, it shows that she has to struggle a lot to get her family back. Also, she has to face many troubles that none of the children can think about in their life…show more content…
Throughout the story, we learn details about how the narrator is thinking changed and as well as details of her past life. Basically, story told from the Jing- Mei point of view, who is also the protagonist in the story. As we read the story, we will see how the narrator moves back and forth between her past and present to learn about her culture and her mother’s past with her half- sisters. We saw that Jing Mei searches through her mother past to learn about her sister and tries to become more in touch with her chinses roots. When Jing-Mei, the main character, learns that her late mother has twin daughters living in China and she has to make the decision on how to tell them that her mother is passed. Her mother had run into tough times when the twins were born, had to give them up, and had not been able to see them again before she passed away. Now Jing-Mei is traveling to China with her father, and surprisingly slowly finds herself along the way. The author, Amy Tan, uses the story to explain how the narrator’s journey to china was changed her life. It shows that it was the tough decision to tell someone that you lost your love ones. However, I like the way author explain the story and how she message that the relationship between mother and daughter is powerful which helps them to reunite the family. For example, “During the scene of June 's
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