Revelation Flannery O Connor Analysis

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Short Story Analysis “Revelation,” by Flannery O’Connor is a short story about a woman named Mrs. Turpin. She accompanies her husband to the doctor’s office for an injured leg where they must sit in the waiting room. While waiting Mrs. Turpin has a conversation with a few ladies. Throughout the conversation she is mentally judging each person by their outward appearance while ironically thinking highly of herself. A young lady, Mary Grace, is obviously annoyed by Mrs. Turpin. She ends up throwing her college psychology book at her and attempting to choke her. Mary calls Mrs. Turpin an old wart hog from hell just before the doctor sedates her. Mary Grace is taken to the hospital while Mrs. Turpin and her husband are well enough to go home. Once they are home, Mrs. Turpin mulls over the fact that Mary Grace called her an old warthog from hell, and quickly her attitude turns into wrath. After she cries out to God with anger she has a vision and a revelation. Through the use of irony, foreshadowing and symbolism, O’Connor expresses that every person is seen as equal in…show more content…
Initially the setting is a waiting room. The room itself is a perfect setting for God to work through Mrs. Turpin’s demeanor, as each person in the room is from one of the classes that she lists. The gospel hymn playing in the waiting room, “When I looked up and He looked down” represents what is to come at the end of this story. Mrs. Turpin experiences her revelation, and she looks up and cries out to the Lord in anger. The reader does not learn Mary Grace’s name until halfway through the story. Before then she is known as the ugly girl. The reader learns her name when Mrs. Turpin finally talks to the young lady after her constant staring. Mary Grace’s name alone represents a Biblical perspective. Mary is the holy name for the mother of Jesus, and Grace is what is given by Jesus. Mary Grace is a revelation of which Mrs. Turpin is in
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