Revelation In Chapter 17: The Spretation Of Revelation

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Chapter Nineteen THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION What we have seen with this interruption of the Angel come down from heaven with the little book open in His hand and it is that rhetorically the Lord has much more to show us concerning things to come. We desire to know the whale story and he wants us to have a full understanding. The text in Revelation follows a continuum beginning with chapter four and following through to the end of chapter nine. The subject matter opens from a heavenly perspective seeing the four living creatures (cherubim) and he twenty- four elders round about the throne offering praise and worship to the Father and the Son. We have seen the Lion of the tribe of Judah take the book with the seven seals from the Father…show more content…
Then under the opening of the seventh seal we have seen revealed that great and awesome Day of the Lord. With the sounding of six of the seven trumpets revealed with the opening of that seal. As we reached to chapter ten we saw that other Angel who had in his hand a little book opened and we were able to realize that it represented an as yet unrevealed portion of the original book having the seven seals. The Angel directed John to eat up the book for it was given unto him to prophesy again rhetorically speaking and to add additional details to all that has already been seen and examined. Consideration and detail has also been examined to discover the meaning, the activities and the judgment of Mystery Babylon. Chapters eleven, including the first twelve verses, and all of chapter twelve have been disclosed for an understanding of the measuring of the temple including the two witnesses and the significance of the man-child who was caught to the throne precipitating war in heaven and the casting of Satan from the heavenly realm. It would seem to me to be valuable to add emphasis to the experience of the Church during this period of three and one half years of tribulation as it is captured for us in this portion in chapter eleven dealing with the two witnesses and the whole of chapter
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