Revenge And Beliefs In Grendel's Revenge In Beowulf

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Introduction Topic sentence:Beowulf 's revenge was shown in many different ways. In the beginning of this particular story everyone is rejoicing in the hall of heorot. Then one day Grendel just couldn’t stand it anymore he grew very envious, upset and very angry. He then started attacking Heorot and killing many of Hrothgar 's men. Each night he kills more and more of Hrothgar 's men. The news then eventually reaches Beowulf and he travels with his men and comes to ask permission to fight the monster Grendel and end the bloodbath of the kingdom of Heorot. Hrothgar allows Grendel to attempt to kill Grendel but warns him of the many men that have tried and failed. So when Grendel first attacks the mead hall Beowulf wounds Grendel enough to know that he will not survive his injuries but grendel gets away before Beowulf can give the head of grendel to the king. Thesis:The revenge in Beowulf plays a vital role throughout the story when Grendel 's mother attacks Heorot, when Beowulf takes revenge on grendel 's mother and when a dragon takes revenge on Beowulf 's people because a servant stole one of his magnificent treasures. Body Paragraph Topic sentence:Grendel 's…show more content…
Conclusion: As we can see there are many different examples of revenge in Beowulf. That all play a vital and very important role in the plot of this story.It basically keeps you on your toes wondering what is going to happen next. They all take revenge on people for different things. Grendel 's mom takes revenge on the meade hall of heorot and people there because of the loss of her son, While Beowulf takes revenge for the loss of his companion. There 's also the instance where the dragon takes revenge on the town for a servant taking some of his treasure. Then we again see Beowulf take revenge except this time it 's on a dragon for destroying his house. The role of revenge continuously plays a role in the story of Beowulf and when there is no more revenge to take place in this
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