Revenge And Justice In Homer's The Odyssey

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In ancient Greek ideology and mythology there is a common theme of characters ‘getting what they deserve’. In Homer’s graphic novel The Odyssey, there are several occasions where this theme of reciprocity is occurring. Revenge and justice are something that the romans held highly in their culture, so characters in their stories often had fates that was deemed fit for their ‘crime’. Odysseus crew was told before their journey to the island of Thrinacia, that they had to steer clear of this island. But when they came into view of the “sunny island” they couldn’t resist its beauty and had to board its shore. Before they boarded the land, Odysseus made them promise that they wouldn’t consume any of the islands cattle. Once he left his crew to…show more content…
When Odysseus killed the ring leader of the pact of suitors, he was approached by them asking to be spared, “let’s make amends ow. We’ll replace all that we have consumed, and make gifts above and beyond…... Let there be no more bloodshed.” (Homer pg.214) This however, would have been too easy and forgiving for a Greek story. Of course, when Odysseus heard these demands he could not even think of this choice, the only way to even the score was to make sure they got what they deserved. To kill them all. The only way they this story could have ended was that all the suitors had to die, and this was the only way that Odysseus could see justice. Throughout the novel, The Odyssey there is a large emphasis on character reciprocity. What any character experiences or ruthlessly does to another character, will somehow come back around and they will ‘get what they deserved’. Homer uses multiple examples in the graphic novel where a character will negatively impact another, but somehow, they will always receive justice. Whether it’s equalising punishment or even

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