Revenge In Frankenstein Analysis

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Mary Shelley shows the endless amount of revenge and that it is driven by pure hatred and rage. The monster was not created to be vengeful, he was kind hearted but when he was poorly treated by Victor and then by the Delacey family, he turned cold. In her novel Frankenstein, Mary Shelley displays the immorality and destructive effects that revenge can have through Frankenstein and his pursuit of the creature. Immediately after the monster had awoken, hatred thickened and would drive the plot to be all about revenge.The creature illustrates this hatred as he says to Victor, “Everything is related in them which bears reference to my accursed origin; the whole detail of that series of disgusting circumstances which produced it is set in view; …show more content…

The monsters revenge on Frankenstein, drives him too to be full of hatred and need for vengeance because he destroyed everything good in his life. He feels as the death of his loved ones is his fault because he is the one that created the horrid creature in the first place (Brackett). “As time passed away I became more calm; misery had her dwelling in my heart, but I no longer talked in the same incoherent manner of my own crimes; sufficient for me was the consciousness of them” (Shelley 158). The monster wanted Victor to feel the same thing as him, lonely and sadness. The monsters revenge works, Victor becomes rejected by people and has nobody but himself. He starts his own plan to for revenge against the creature, but this makes him just as beastly as the monster. Victor makes it his life goal, to make the monster pay in any way he can. He wants him to feel lonely and isolated forever. The beast takes a lot out on Victor and makes him feel exactly the way he feels …show more content…

We have been taught that to hate is wrong, and revenge can have a strong relation to hatefulness. Revenge is a root of evil of someone that feels that they have been wronged. Throughout the novel it gives multiple examples of the toll it has on people 's emotional and physical being. For instance, murder would be an example of a dark, uncharastic type of revenge, Murder, for example, is a strong element in this novel, begging readers to pursue the ethics and myriad questions behind the action. Is there such a thing as a "philosophy of murder" or a rationale behind murder? (watkin). Revenge is the attempt to right the wrong that has been done to you, by returning a wrong to someone else. The monster felt wronged by Victor, and instead of moving on with his life and being thankful of being created, he wasted the rest of his life on torturing someone and being

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