Revenge In Frankenstein Research Paper

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The theme of Frankenstein is revenge and how it influences one, when affected, in doing stuff that affects one's family and loved one. At first, when the creature is brought to life, he is confused and feels abandoned after his creator leaves in disgust after seeing him. The creature is first mistreated by Victor and then by the De Lacey family, leaving the creature to feel pain and anger, turning to revenge. The creature compares himself to the devil saying, “I ought to be thy Adam, but I am rather the fallen angel, whom thou drivest from joy for no misdeed,” (Shelley 42). The creature turns to revenge in a want to hurt those who have hurt him. For instance, you can see when Felix De Lacey does not accept him in joining human society; his…show more content…
In multiple parts, the creature is shown mistreatment by humans after he performs good deeds. For example, he saved a little girl “and dragged her to shore… the man saw [him] draw near, he aimed a gun, which he carried, at [his] body and fired,” (Shelley 61). The creature had done a good deed, out of the kindness of his heart and the actions taken by the old man had once again, shown the creature that he would never be accepted in society due to his figure and how terrifying he appears. Once again, the behavior of mankind led the creature to his only option left, revenge. The creature says, “I only wonder that at that moment, instead of venting my sensations in exclamations and agony… I left the spot where I had committed the murder,” (Shelley 62). After seeing the portrait of the woman, the creature’s rage returned after seeing how beautiful she was and remembering that he did not appear to look the same. His revenge overcame him in wanting to find Victor; he left William dead after hearing that he was related to Frankenstein. However, revenge came upon Victor after having to live through the guilt of the deaths of William, Justine, Elizabeth and his father. Revenge had consumed Victor after the troubles he had experienced caused by the creature. Frankenstein devotes the rest of his life to find and destroy the creature for all he has caused, leaving Geneva and all the pain behind,
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