Revenge In Gone Girl

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Portrayal of Revenge in Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl . When I think of my wife , i always think of her head. I picture cracking of her lovely skull and spooling her brains trying to get the answers, The primal questions of every marriage- What you thinking ?how are you feeling ? what we have done to each other?"-These lines are the thoughts of main character Nick Dunne in a very successful and critically acclaimed book of Gillian Flynn. This book has a genre of drama, mystery and thriller. This book is about a married couple Nick Dunne and Amy Dunne and how disappearance of Amy becomes a media circus and how she frames her own husband of her own death in front of the world, when the whole world believes that she is dead. In this book you will…show more content…
Is the character of Amy mentally retarded or just seeking revenge? No, Amy is not mentally retarded because to frame her own murder you should be really intelligent enough and you should have a plan she is just seeking her revenge on her cheating husband. Amy has plan in her mind to put her husband in a media circus and project him as a killer. She is a writer and she knows how to do her job really well. From life insurance papers to credit card fraud she did everything to prove her husband murderer. She even fakes her pregnancy reports by befriending a pregnant friend and using her urine sample for a convincing fake pregnancy. Even in the diary how smartly she went from writing fairy tale story to fake violent stories shows her intelligence. She knew that interrogators will check this loop holes when she will be on an hide out so she created them to convince media and police that she has died and her husband is a killer Why did the author didn’t give this novel a happy ending? Gillian Flynn studied the dynamics of marriage before penning down this novel. This novel is a psychological thriller. The character of Amy is too intelligent and she is writer she knows how to make convincing stories and fool media and police even when she killed Desi after watching the last press conference in this novel she planned desi’s death and created fake evidence to convince police and media that she was kidnapped and tortured physically. On camera she behaved perfectly innocent she had a story, a plan to get back to her normal life and to fool the entire world and Nick couldn’t do anything as now she had became a hero and only him, his sister and some cops know the whole story but sticking to that case would create more trouble so Gillian ended up this novel like this may be she is hoping to write the second part when she has made Nick forcefully rest with Amy for his
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