Revenge In 'Hop Frog' By Edgar Allan Poe

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Revenge Hop Frog is definitely not overreacting in the justification of his actions. First, Hop Frog and Trippetta “had been forcibly carried off from their respective homes in adjoining provinces” (Poe 3). Hop Frog and Trippetta, being taken at a very young age, creates a feeling of sorrow for them. The reader can feel the king deserves his death. Second, Hop Frog wants to avenge Trippetta. Trippetta tries to tell the king that Hop Frog does not want to drink, but the king “pushes her violently from him, and throws the contents of the brimming goblet in her face” (Poe 6). Hop Frog wants to defend his best friend because she has always been there for Hop Frog. Third, the king forcefully makes Hop Frog drink the wine. “He took pleasure in forcing Hop Frog to drink”…show more content…
Hop Frog on the other hand becomes insane from drinking, thus, straying from the alcoholic beverages. The king actually finds amusement from him drinking. Forth, the king is not mature and plays to many jokes. “But the king loved his practical jokes” (Poe 4). The king, playing jokes and doing other childish behavior, leads Hop Frog to think of the idea of the monkey costumes. The monkey costumes resemble children because monkeys are not the smartest animals. The king goes along with the idea because at the masquerade the king would be pranking the guests, which he liked. Hop Frog makes slight, clever modifications to the suits to make the plan work. The chains make the 8 men hand from the ceiling, and the tar with barley is very flammable. The deaths of the king and his men are definitely a tragedy, but regarding the torture the king does to Hop Frog the reader feels no pain or sorrow for him. Hop Frog is correct in the justification of his
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