Revenge In Wuthering Heights

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Wuthering Heights takes place in England in the 17 and 1800s. It tells of the dangers of revenge and the treatment of others through the life of Heathcliff and the Earnshaw family.
Heathcliff was first brought to the Wuthering Heights household as a young boy by Mr. Earnshaw. When Mr. Earnshaw 's children, Catherine and Linton, see Heathcliff, they call him a“gipsy brat” and refuse to sleep in the same bed with him. Mrs. Earnshaw treated Heatcliff no differently. She was “ready to fling it out the doors” and went on to call him a “gipsy brat”. Mr. Earnshaw was the only one to treat Heathcliff without prejudice and showed a favorable amount of attention to him.
The result of Mr. Earnshaw’s love for Heathcliff, created Hindley 's hatred
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When Heathcliff learns of Isabella’s feelings for him deploys a plan to get revenge on Edgar for marrying Catherine. He begins to feign attraction to Isabella and convinces her that he loves her. One day he surprises Isabella and kisses her out in the garden. Catherine sees and yells at Heathcliff for betraying her and soon becomes ill. Three nights later Heathcliff tricks Isabella into running away with him to get married. As a result of their marriage Linton has cut all ties off with her. Not to long after, Isabella discovers that Heathcliff used her as a tool of his revenge and only married her because she was the heir to the Grange. Six weeks after she runs away she becomes angry with her ill treatment and sends a letter to Nelly. She recounts her several months of horrible treatment from her husband and the rest of the members of Wuthering Heights and begs for Nelly to visit. She describes Hareton, Hindley, and Joseph (the cook) as “rude and uncaring”. She learns to despise her husband and says that he is taking his aggression towards Edgar, who he believes is at fault for Catherine’s sickness, out on her. Angry and alone Isabella begins to taunt him that he is at fault for Catherine 's illness not Edgar. Isabella with the help of Nelly runs away from Heathcliff to London and lets Heathcliff’s guilt of Catherine 's sickness
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