Revenge Is Savagery In Lord Of The Flies

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Revenge is savagery. The Pilgrims slaughtering the Indians was savagery. Terrorism is savagery. The victim often becomes the victimizer, which results in savagery. These are all forms of savagery and all reasons of savagery. Savagery is always a part of mankind, it will occur wherever civilization pops up. Savagery is the exposure to violence. Civilized people “Are the people who choose to be honest and caring with one another.” (Linda) Civilization keeps people in check if someone does something illegal or bad they may get arrested and they will pay the price for what they do. If someone murders another person they will go to prison and serve their time because they did something bad and the law caught up with them. There are laws and rules…show more content…
They start to lose control of what makes them civilized people, sometimes it happens slowly and they try as hard as they can to keep what they had learned from living in society, trying to keep order and peace, but sometimes they cave into savagery because it can be easier tapping into the primitive side. “And yet somehow amid the merciless massacres were elements that gave birth to the rudiments of civilization.” (Rosenbaum) In Lord of the flies, the boys had tried to keep society and what civilization had taught them alive, they had tried to find peace and to get along and do what they thought was right, they had the conch which kept order and peace, which is like our laws we follow to keep the peace, they had elected Ralph as their leader as we elect presidents, he kept everyone or tried to keep everyone in check, and then there was Jack, he was chaos and he was savagery and rebellion. The boys were in isolation from society for too long and what they had tried to build started to crumble, they started to argue and Jack and some of the boys didn't want to have to follow rules and have to live civilized, they left. Then they stopped caring, they started to hunt and steal from the other boys and then they wound up killing Simon and Piggy. This shows how being away from society can shape people, being out and away from…show more content…
Revenge is a form of savagery because Revenge is “the action of inflicting hurt or harm on someone for an injury or wrong suffered at their hands.” (Dictionary) revenge is getting back at those who have done wrong, which is savagery, doing harm to someone because harm was done to them first is wrong because oftentimes the revenge ends up building up and escalating. Wars are an example of revenge in savagery, war is an armed conflict on other nations, picking on smaller countries or countries that have done or said something and need to be “taught a lesson”. “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”(Gandhi) War is revenge when mankind has revenge on their mind, they tend to lose all morals, they want to get back at someone who had done them
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