Revenge, Morality, And Justice In Killings By Andre Dubus

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Andre Dubus, short stories contain a common theme of revenge, morality, and justice. In “Killings” published in 1979, Andre displays the theme of revenge and justice through the development of characters, the title of the story, and the thrill of the suspense. Dubus neglects to take sides with the characters in the “Killings”, which leaves it upon the readers to make assumption whether the killings were justifiable. Dubus has a very unique style of writing, the main characters in “Killings” were given a choice that could’ve led them to a completely different outcome. Dubus keeps the readers on their toes because the opposite usually ends up happening. The ideas of justice and morality is questioned constantly through out the short story.…show more content…
The title hints that there will be killing in the story itself.. Andre lets the readers know that a murder has taken place, but that’s all the readers find out. The idea of justice is explored many times, for example Matt killed Richards, but he was still a human being. He knew of the consequences and made his choice, he did not try to flee when he was summoned at the court. Matt decided to take matters into his own hands thinking he was above the law. He kidnapped Richards and made him feel like he was anything, but a human being. Matt was possessed with the guilt of not being there for Frank and felt sorry for his wife having to constantly see Richards around the town. “He walks the goddamn streets”(Dubus,63). Matt suffered through many conflicts and finally decided to pop the bubble of problems by killing Richards. This act of Matt taking law into his own hands explores both the ideas of justice and revenge. “Although Dubus trains his disgust on the failures of the court, the practical shortcomings of using force as a response to injustice paradoxically emerge at the conclusion of an essay that ostensibly argues for the necessity of doing just that”
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