Revenge Theme In Frankenstein

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Revenge There's different type of theme in the story Frankenstein such as revenge, family, romanticism and nature but in this essay it's going to just imply revenge. In this story, Frankenstein is the protagonist from the story and he creates a monster without thinking of the consequences. Victor becomes lost in his studies, he removes himself from human society and that's where he loses sight on what's his crating. Knowledge at that time took over Frankenstein's mind because he wasn't thinking much in what he was creating until he was done with the monster. Frankenstein created the monster for the reason on how a lightning struck the tree and he believed he could of tried anything with the same technique, he also got stuck on nature science. Additionally after he was done with his creation of the monster and…show more content…
The monster began to learn and read book so he can understand the real world more and show his creator he can do the same exact thing as Frankenstein.The monster was vengeful not because he was evil but because his isolation was full of hate and anger. But Frankenstein's monster wants to get revenge so he begins by killing people to get to frankenstein. As the monster states “Frankenstein! you should belong then to my enemy, to him toward whom i sworn eternal revenge; you shall be my first victim” (chpt 16). The monster believes that william, Frankenstein's friend, belongs to him therefore he should kill him first to get to Frankenstein. The monster is doing everything he can to meet his creator and by killing his close friends and family Freakenstein would than go looking for him. The monster was Frankenstein's nightmare but he had no one to blame but himself for creating such a monster. It was his fault his sister got murdered, his fault his dad dies and his fault he also got killed and if he didn't create this monster nothing would've happened.After being mistreated by victor than the family, De lacey he wanted revenge and that is when
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