Revenge Theme In The Crucible

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I am discussing how the Theme of revenge in The Crucible make it both universal and enduring. There is a lot of different ways that revenge is expressed in The Crucible. Every time the girls pretended to be taken over by spirits, or see someone send out their spirit to harm the girls and call out witch on an innocent man or woman because they wanted attention or had a grudge they were holding against someone who had wronged them or they just didn’t like. Just as Abbigail having a grudge against Elisabeth Proctor for being Johns Proctors wife. Abbigail still loved John after their affair they had together and John wouldn’t be with her any longer. Having a wife and three children John denied Abbigail at every attempt that she made. Along with the attempt in Parris’ house when they were alone in the room with unconscious Betty, and Abbigail tried to get John to be with her instead of Elizabeth again. Along with greed and revenge of a neighbor when a…show more content…
All this we can learn from so in the future we won’t make the same mistakes as we did during the witch trials. Just as Abigale lied and sought revenge on John by announcing that she saw Elisabeth working with the devil. As well as not picking her over Elizabeth after their affair. Another good example from the Salem Witch Trials would be Goody Putman calling witch on Rebecca for supposedly sending out her soul to kill all of but one of Goody Putman’s baby’s before they were a day old. Also like how we were so quick to judge and say someone was guilty in a state of panic so that we could place blame and have some reassurance that we will be able to fix the problem. As well as everyone being guilty till proven innocent, instead of the better version being innocent till proven guilty in a court of the
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