Reverend Hale In The Crucible

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Conflicts take time and questioning to unfold the hidden truth behind a problem. In the course of a lifetime, confidence in a belief continues to grow until a roadblock stops it and changes the way of thinking. Confronting a problem that contradicts a popular belief is presented in Arthur Miller’s character, Reverend Hale, from The Crucible. Reverend Hale has been called to Salem to examine Reverend Parris’s daughter, Betty, for precise signs of the devil. As the play draws out, As Hale witnesses the corruption of the Hale’s stance on the problem changes and contrasts his initial thought on the matter. Needing an authority on the spiritual world, Reverend Parris summons Hale because of his credentials and knowledge of the invisible world;…show more content…
When Hale attends court with Mary and Proctor, so they can tell Danforth that all of the accusations are false, Hale starts to believe that the girls are all a fraud. Abigail and the girls begin in frenzy when they are accused of lying in the court and about all of the convicted they believe were partaking in witchcraft. At that point Hale becomes annoyed at the pity and belief that Danforth is giving them that he quits the court. Hale proclaims as he leaves, “I denounce these proceedings, I quit this court!” (1213). Hale’s confusion gets the best of him, but shows that he does not agree with the girls’ beliefs anymore that the devil has scouted the accused. He realizes that the court is corrupt and what they are doing is unfair, in the sense that believing the girls was wrong. Quitting the court ends Hale’s confidence and shows he is doubting the validity of his own conclusions that he had made initially. The morning that was set for John Proctor, Rebecca Nurse, and Martha Corey to be hung; Reverend Hale was at the jail trying to get the accused to confess to witchcraft. Hale begs to Danforth, “If you postpone a week and publish to the town that you are striving for their confessions, that speak mercy on your part” (1223). Reverend Hale is trying to get the accused to lie and confess to something they are not a part of because it is easier
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