Reverend Hale Reflection

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The Crucible by Arthur Miller shows what the people in the town of Salem went through during the witch trials. Reverend Hale, a character in the story is an expert in the dark arts, and is in Salem to find out if there are witches. Upon arrival he faces many difficult scenarios for even an expert like himself. Reverend Hale’s feelings are tried throughout the entirety of his visit in Salem; his opinions change with every new stone overturned. When Hale is initially interviewing Betty Parris and Abigail he uncovers a certain turn of events to persuade him to believe witches are loose in Salem. When interviewing the children they lead Hale to believe Tituba was the witch leading the girls to dance in the forest. When questioning Tituba on the…show more content…
When Mary Warren is in the courtroom, she confesses to lying about seeing spirit she says, “I am with God now” (1200). When Mary Warren says this all the things Hale heard from Proctor turn out to be true. Up until this moment Hale had no strong evidence to support there were no witches in Salem, just his supsision. Now with this confession Hale is set on helping those under accusations from the girls. Hale’s opinion during the beginning half of his time in Salem was that there were in facts witches loose in Salem, and anyone could be a suspect. This conclusion was proven wrong. One way this was demonstrated is when Abigail blames Elizabeth Proctor for putting a needle in her side. Mary Warren told Hale that she put the needle there and Abigail saw her do it. Once he realises the girls had been lying his opinion becomes the truth, which is proven as truth as the play finishes. One such example is when Mary Warren accuses the girls of lying. While defending themselves the girls scream saying Mary is sending her spirit at them “She’s going to come down she’s walking the beam” (1211). Hale sees no such bird in the courtroom, and Mary Warren keeps telling the girls to stop. With all of this happening Hale sees the girls just lie about seeing spirits. Hale upon arriving to Salem believed strong in witches, but after staying in Salem for some time Hale accepts the idea that the girl
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