Reverend Hale's Involvement In The Witch Trials

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“I denounce these proceedings I quit this court”. This quote, said by Reverend Hale from The Crucible, Reflects Hales personality. He said it at the end of the court trial when judge Hathorne convicted John Proctor for the crimes of witchcraft. Reverend Hale was angered that the court believed the absurd accusations made by the girls and left the court sickened by the unfair trial. He felt guilty about contributing towards the trials and their outcome. Reverend Hale and I are highly similar in that we're both regretful, fair, and open minded. Reverend Hale and I are both regretful. Reverend Hale regrets his involvement in the witch trials. Hale tries exceedingly hard to save those who were falsely accused of witchcraft. I, like Reverend Hale, do not like causing other people grief or offending them so I always overthink every decision so as not to do so. When I used to wrestle with my siblings, I always felt terrible if they were hurt. Reverend Hale never made an excuse for the witch trials he admitted he was wrong and tried to fix it.…show more content…
When considering a standpoint in an argument I make sure to have all the information from both sides before I make decisions. when considering which presidential candidate I want to win I made sure had all of the facts. Reverend Hale also does this he talks to the Proctors and Nurses before he judges them. Once at daycare the babysitter accused my brother of breaking a game and said he didn’t do it. For this reason I attempted to prove his innocence by asking everyone if they had seen him, or anyone else, break the game and I eventually found out who had broken it and helped my brother out of trouble. likewise, Hale tries to ask Judge Danforth to allow John Proctor come back to court with a lawyer so they can have a fair
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