Reverend Parris In The Crucible

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Reverend Parris is a tentative and hypocritical minister who focuses more on his social rank rather than the well-being of others. Parris stumbled upon a number of Salem girls, including his daughter and niece, dancing in the forest like freethinkers gone wild. Parris told Abigail that “his ministry is at stake” (Lines 112-119). He found his daughter and niece dancing and “conjuring spirits” in the woods, and the thing on his mind is the reputation of his ministry. Also, he says that Abigail is “blackening his name” when she talks about his reputation around Salem. (Lines 689-690).

Abigail Williams is a prolific liar, and she led many people of Salem to their deaths with her lies, when she was trying to keep her name in Salem innocent. She tries to convince John Proctor to leave Elizabeth and to go with her, after he cheated on Elizabeth with her. She lies multiple times throughout the lay, and the devastating effects that they have on
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When he won't sign the court document of his confession, he tries to convince the men of the court to not let the paper get out, which means that the reputation of his family would be tarnished with the confession of wizardry. Also, when Reverend Hale first shows up at his house, his excuse for not going to church is because he doesn't like Parris, and he hides the fact that he cheated on Elizabeth,and he maybe was feeling guilty.

Throughout Miller’s The Crucible, many Salemites are accused of being witches and wizards, which causes the accused to become defensive. Parris becomes defensive of his ministyr and its reputaion. Abigail Williams, the catalyst for the trials lies to protect her “white name” in Salem. John Proctor tries to defend his family’s name in Salem and not confess, enevn though it would save his
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